Following websites are being maintained by the same organizer:

http://ltsharif.blogspot.com  – A Perfect Relgion,

http://bringerofcertainnews.blogspot.com – Know your CREATOR,

http://hltsharif.blogspot.com/ – Islam claims to be in accord with Human Nature,

http://cometoprayerandsuccess.blogspot.com/ – None is worthy of worship but God, Muhammad is Messenger of God,

http://voice-of-truth.simplesite.com/423231159 – Voice of Truth,

http://creatorandcreature.blogspot.com/ – Creator, His Caliph and Satan (Allah, Aadamii awr Iblis),

https://hcaptrmuhammadsharif.wordpress.com/ – Religion of Wisdom – Islam,

https://muhammadsharif120.wordpress.com/ – Mankind is Viceroy of the Creator on earth,

http://acompletecodeoflifeislam.blogspot.com/ – A complete Code of Life – Islam,

muhammadsallallaahualaihiwasallam.blogspot.com – Know your CREATOR -2

 https://thecommandmentsofgod.blogspot.com/ – Commandments of God through Qur’an

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